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Profession is usually a definition of a person, how he seems to be and the perspective he has of the world. My profession defines me as a guide to people, helping them prosper in life, making them learn to be calm them and support them in difficult situations, during their turbulent flow of life. I am a Tarot card reader and a Vaastu consultant, providing people card readings by delivering answers to their questions, which may be related to near future or present. Discussions related to relationships; proximity with people and loved ones, career, tough situations in life; decisive moments and life related topics is done through healing, provided by the blissful aura of Tarot. House Remedies can be asked for house prosperity. Since their is vivid distinction between superstition and reality, added with practicality, answers provided are practical in nature too. A true healer is truthful and must be to grow as a guide, since we all are children of almighty and surrender to him at last.

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