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Vastu: The Science of Directions:

Vastu Shastra is an ancient, proven, and time-tested science of architecture and interior design that relies on the relationship between humans and their environment and uses the five basic elements of nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and the Sky.

Vastu means ‘Atmosphere’ and Shastra means ‘Science.’ It believes that a structure's shape and orientation decide the energies that flow through it and how it benefits or impacts its occupants. So, by making small adjustments and changes to your home or workspace, you can achieve harmony with the surrounding energies and improve your life or business in ways unimaginable.

Vastu for Home

A Vastu-balanced home is a haven of relaxation, peace, and happiness, where you prosper and make real growth in life. If your home or part of it isn’t Vastu compliant, you may experience problems in a few or all aspects of your life. At Shroff, we help make your home in sync with its surrounding elements, so only positive energy flows through it, enriching your life and helping you accomplish your goals and lead a fulfilling life.

Vastu for Workplace

No matter what you own, whether a grocery shop, complex, or industry, Vastu can help propel your business to new heights and keep problems at bay. With the right design and structure embedded into your workplace, you can see the effects of this ancient science in your bottom line. Let us help make your workplace a hub of positive energy that brings growth and prosperity all day long.
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What is Numerology and how does it work?

Have you experienced that a few numbers or letters always follow you! Whether it's your address, vehicle number or maybe the joining date of your first job, you will find a similarity somewhere in the juggle of these numbers. Perhaps you want to learn more about it.

In Simple words, you can define Numerology as the study of the effect of numbers on your life. Every number has a different type of vibration in it. Numerologists read these vibrations and tell you which number can work in a positive direction for you. It does not mean that you just need to select the right number and your target is accomplished. It simply acts as a catalyst in your lives that supports your efforts and brings results effectively and efficiently.

The idea behind numerology is that the cosmos and your life is affected by your birth date, birth name, and many other factors surrounding an individual.

You must have seen many famous athletes wearing jerseys of a specific number only. It does not mean that number on their t-shirts has made them famous, but it is that number whose energy goes along with theirs and supports their act.

Be it your business, Job, exams or marriage, numbers can always contribute in supporting your cause. Find out those numbers that can help you in achieving your goal and let us eliminate those that might be creating problem for you.

Chakra Healing

Have you ever felt a kind of unknown fear throughout running in your mind? Ever felt deprived of love? Feeling low in most of the situations?

Above mentioned situations arise when you are effected by certain deficient energy centers that have impacted your mind & body in a negative manner.

Most of the people take yoga sessions, meditations or energy healing sessions like “Reiki”. All exercises are performed to unlock/clear “CHAKRAS”.

Energy Chakras need to stay open or balanced to make you feel energetic and lively. If they get blocked, you may experience physical/emotional symptoms related to that particular chakra.

Now is the time to pay attention to both physical & physiological sensations as they both are connected and contribute to your healthy life style.

So take a step to unleash the energy sources from your chakras. After the session with us, you will surely feel the difference.

Tarot Card Reading:

When will I get a job? When will I get the promotion? When will our relationship flourish? What will happen to our Child career? Which option should I choose between these two?

Are you also puzzled among questions? I hope we all want to know few answers. Or maybe we want to select that road that is destined for us. Sometimes, it happens that we get confused and we don’t have anyone who can tell what is going to be good for us.

Tarot Card Healing is a tool that helps you unveil the answers and tells you that which path universe is going to support you. Tarot card Reading is used since ancient times to predict the ongoing events in a person’s life. It serves as a guide to the people about things they are unfamiliar with.

Want to know more about these miraculous divination cards of tarot? Let’s see how they can help you:
1.) Clarity in Life
2.) Focus on positive things
3.) Helps in decision making
4.) Nurturing Relationships